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If you have noticed that your upholstery isn't what it used to be, we recommend that you consider reupholstery instead of throwing those pieces out. If you've never experienced this service before, now is a great time to find out more and how your furniture can be made to look new again. Here are some facts that could prove helpful if you have furniture that needs a little TLC, so read along now.

Furniture reupholstery is more common than you think

Just about any piece can be perfect for furniture reupholstery, which adds years of additional lifespan and enjoyment to any room. But it can also help retain sentimental value, mainly when a furniture piece belonged to a dear loved one or long-since-gone ancestor. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful piece for many years.

It’s far more economical to reupholster furniture than it is to purchase new products. This can save much on a remodeling budget, sometimes in large amounts, depending on the number of pieces you have to work with. But it’s also much more reasonable to upcycle furniture, which can last another generation than to toss it into the landfill. Even if you’re dealing with a damaged frame, repairs can breathe new life back into the piece with ease.

We must also mention the enormous benefit of communicating all the features you find essential so that our upholsterer can work towards that specific end. Be sure to say whether you want to add personalized details. A few particular materials, buttons, or edging can make a world of difference in your customized piece.



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At Lahaina Carpet & Interiors, Inc., we not only have an outstanding upholsterer with more than 25 years of experience, but we also have our upholstery shop right next door to our showroom. This allows up to work quickly and efficiently to reupholster your pieces right here in our facilities. You'll also benefit from our vast selection of upholstery fabric samples for both indoor and outdoor use, including names such as Charlotte, Greenhouse, RM CoCo, Kravet, Norbar, Tommy Bahama, Trend, Duralee, and Fabrica, to name a few.

When you’re ready to visit our showroom in Lahaina, HI, you’ll find we serve residents from Lahaina, HI, Kaanapali, HI, Kapalua, HI, Napili, HI, Kahana, HI, Olowalu, HI, Launiopoko, HI, Wailuku, HI, Kahului, HI, and Kula, HI. You’re invited to visit us any time for your own furniture reupholstery needs. We’ll help you find the perfect upholstery fabric, so stop by today.